Veronica and Lars Bane Foundation

Veronica and Lars Bane Foundation CIO is established with the primary objective of providing comprehensive training to assistance dogs. We have reached out co a thousand hundred people in the United Kingdom who were in search of a furry companion to help them in several aspects of life. Our dog trainers have acquired knowledge from across the globe and chose the most effective practices to deliver life-changing solutions.

What we do

We aim to provide groceries, amenities and appliances to low-income familes. We nedd your help

Assistance dogs for the visually impaired:

We provide specialized training to dogs so that they become the best companions for differently-abled people.

Trained Dogs for Veterans with disabilities:

We believe it is our responsibility to serve those who have been serving our country. Our assistance dogs are like a glimmer of hope to veterans with physical challenges or mental ailments.

Assistance dogs for children:

Certain kids are sensitive to their social environment and cannot express themselves freely. In such cases, our assistance dogs come to their rescue and help them cope with the anxiety and stress stemming from their personal and social lives.

Who We Are

Be a Volunteer Our Community

Whether you are an owner of a dog or willing to donate one, our doors are open for you. Since our inception, we have primarily focussed on offering transparent and quality services to the visually impaired, people with hearing loss, children with specific mental issues, adults with disabilities, and every individual who has lost the freedom associated with life.

Small acts of kindness go a long way. Your good works could change someone’s life.

From disability assistance dogs that are trained to perform day-to-day chores of veterans with special needs to assistance dogs for children that help little ones in feeling comfortable in otherwise awkward social circumstances, we have always adhered to the best standards when it comes to dog services. Additionally, our services are offered free of cost to the recipients. Register for our dog training programmes and establish a deeper emotional bond between you and your pet dogs. You can also fill up the details to get a trained dog for your friend, family, or close acquaintance, or yourself. 

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